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The Pantsless Detective

An internationally award-winning original digital series

Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 Clips

Audio clip from Episode 3, "Remembrance of Betrayal Past, Part 1."

Video clip from Episode 3, "Remembrance of Betrayal Past, Part 1."

Season 4 Poster


Phem Faye Tall (Martina Ohlhauser) and Nottamole (Rebecca Robinson) caught scheming in the hospital.

Smitty (Dipu Bhattacharya) and Temperance Friday (Amy Lewis) confront a drunk Det. Panceliss.

Richard Panceliss (Tom Chamberlain) attempts to sober up.

Constance Trustworthy (Rebecca Robinson), Det. Panceliss (Tom Chamberlain), and Jake Chinatown (Alan Ray) receive high praise from Chief Davenport (David Blackwell).

Det. Panceliss (Tom Chamberlain), Constance Trustworthy (Rebecca Robinson), and Jake Chinatown (Alan Ray) in the Pants Room.

The Mayor (Ann Ford), Constance Trustworthy (Rebecca Robinson), Detective #3 (Ray Perez), Det. Williamclub McAdams (Brian Sierer), and Detective #2 (Heath Allyn) witness a stunning turn of events.

Detective #1 (Jeremy Rashad), Smitty (Dipu Bhattacharya), Jake Chinatown (Alan Ray), and Det. Panceliss (Tom Chamberlain) after the musical climax.

Proprietor Nick (Danny Trevino), Det. Panceliss (Tom Chamberlain), and Smitty (Dipu Bhattacharya) at Nick's Canadien.

About the Show

Launched from Austin, TX by co-creators Dipu Bhattacharya and Tom Chamberlain, The Pantsless Detective debuted online in 2013 at www.pantslessdetective.com. The series mixes the style of film noir crime drama with the wackiness of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker-style spoof humor, lovingly sending up the well-worn noir tropes such as the true-hearted secretary, the femme fatale, and of course the world-weary detective, late of the city police force. The cast has received both individual and ensemble acting awards for seasons 1 through 3. Season 2 won the Daily Motion Best International Series award and placed in the top 10 of the 2015 Web Series World Cup (WSWC). Season 3 placed 7th in the 2016 WSWC. The show has also received genre awards for comedy, spoof, parody, and noir, and awards for trailers, cinematography, costumes, production design, editing, writing, and directing.

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